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Dr Shailesh Jain is an eminent Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner who has cured thousands of patients who were suffering from diseases including the incurable diseases. He is highly qualified doctor with about decade experience and is very skilled in finding solutions to the complex health problems of the hopeless & helpless patients who prior approaching him have knocked every door to find viable solution to their chronic ailments. He has brought about ray of hope in the life of so many patients and is fast becoming popular among masses. Fully cured patients’ accolades act as promotional medium to the excellent health services provided by him. He has achieved name and fame for his most effective Ayurvedic Treatment at very reasonable cost. He analyzes each and every case with much of personal touch and diagnoses the disease with great accuracy and precision. He prescribes most suitable medicine and give useful dietary advice and the mandatory precautions that also go a long way to find long lasting health solution for a health problem. skin ayurvedic treatment in rohini like best doctor for acne treatment best doctor for pimples best ayurvedic treatment for hairfall best ayurvedic treatment for best ayurvedic doctor for poly areata best ayurvedic treatment for sex disease treatment of paraphimosis without surgery treatment of piles and fissure without surgery best ayurvedic treatment for piles best ayurvedic treatment for liver disease best ayurvedic treatment for cancer best ayurvedic treatment for bell s palsy and paralysis best ayurvedic treatment for burgers (smokers ) disease best ayurvedic treatment for polycystic ovarian disease best ayurvedic treatment for spondolysis eractile dysfunction treatment in delhi eractile dysfunction treatment in rohini premature ejaculation treatment in delhi premature ejaculation treatment in rohini best ayurvedic treatment for sex disease for eractile dysfunction best ayurvedic treatment for sex disease for premature ejaculation best dermatologist in rohini for acne treatment best dermatologist in rohini for acne treatment best hepatogist for the treatment of jaundice in rohini best sexologist doctor in rohini best hepatologist for fatty liver in rohini best ayurvedic treatment in rohini

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best ayurvedic doctor for the treatment of acne we treat all kind of skin aliments like acne (pimples), psoriasis.vitiligo (white patch) with simple ayurvedic medicine having best results .we provide our services in rohini near rohini west metro station for more details contact 9871052303
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Sidha Makardhwaj INR 12000 INR 12000 Herbo-Mineral Traditional Drug of Ayurveda used for improvement in General Health. Available: 250g / 500g/ 1kg True 1457349202
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G 28/101, Sector 3, Rohini, -110085
+91 9871052303  or   or   
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28.7022304 77.1016754 DR.SHAILESH JAIN 9871052303 G 28/101, Sector 3, Rohini, -110085